Saskatoon teens discourage impaired driving on SLGA liquor bags

Posted : 12/22/2016

Global News
By Meaghan Craig, Reporter

December 20, 2016

In 2015, Saskatchewan had the highest rate of impaired driving in the country. The province’s impaired driving rates have also declined the least of all the provinces since 1986.

Tougher impaired driving laws will roll out Jan. 1, but leading up the holidays the Saskatoon Police Service will conduct check-stops and roadside checks involving hundreds of motorists.

“They think it’s never going to happen to them and usually when they think it’s never going to happen to me, that’s when it happens,” Const. Kevin Schwartz, a Saskatoon police school resource officer, said.

More than 2,400 bags will be handed out at the liquor store including hundreds of creations from students within the Greater Saskatoon Catholic School system.

“When you have a child with a personal story and telling you how it affected their family, I think a person has a somber second thought and I think that’s why it’s positive,” Johnny Marciniuk, a learning service coordinator for Greater Saskatoon Catholic Schools, said.

Since 2008, 18,000 bags have been distributed to customers at various SLGA stores.

The little bags with a big message are a reminder to motorists to not drink and drive and to stop teens before they start.

“When you look at Grade 7 till they start driving in a few years maybe we can change that behavior or instill that behavior before they have to an opportunity to choose bad behavior,” Marciniuk said.

The information is woven into their curriculum but upon completion of the bags, students also take part in drug awareness and healthy lifestyles days with police in November.

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